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Title: Another kind of duet
Pairing: NozawaKishi, Sanazawa
Rating: PG
Summary: Nozawa tells Kishi how it is.

“I liked performing with you,” Kishi says elatedly, patting Nozawa on the back. “I hope we get to sing together again next time.”

“Yeah, so do I.” Nozawa replies, faking a smile. He’s aware of Kishi’s crush on him.

Kishi shifts uncomfortably. “Although I noticed, you refused to look at me throughout the whole song.”

Nozawa opens his mouth to reply but stops when he looks over Kishi’s shoulder. He sees Sanada in the distance, waving at him ecstatically while the rest of MIS-SNOW-MAN roll their eyes.

“Sorry Kishi,” Nozawa says, smiling lightly. “But there is only one person who I’ll ever look at.”



Title: Three's a crowd
Pairing: N/A
Rating: PG
Summary: BI Shadow drabble. Nakaken is vain, Fuma wants attention and Misaki is getting a migraine.

 Sometimes Misaki thinks he is the only sane one in BI Shadow. He is sitting in-between Nakaken and Fuma, the former busy complaining about his nose while the latter is lamenting over the lack of attention from his beloved senpai.

“Its too big,” Nakaken whines, poking at his nose. “It looks like an inflated balloon.”

“Why is Yabu-kun patting Shintaro’s head?” Fuma complains, clear tones of jealousy emitting from his voice. “He’s never patted me on the head.”

Misaki face palms.

Tags: #drabble, f: bishadow, f: juniors
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